Christhian Gruhn

Christhian Gruhn (Gruhh)

I’m 35 years old, and I’m a full-stack developer with a focus on web and games. Graduated in Advertising, with an academic honors from ESPM and in Digital Games from UP.

Postgraduated in Game Design, MBA in Business Intelligence, MBA in Social Impact Business Management, and MBA in Full Stack Development (Javascript, Node.js, React).

  • Programming since 2001 in several languages
    • Focus on PHP, Javascript, C#
    • Full stack
  • Studying game design since 2014
  • I have studied drawing (not continuously) since 1997
  • I had an entrepreneurial experience with an advertising agency for 8 years
  • I grew up in the middle of organizing events — until 2015
  • Developed graphic, communication, and marketing works
    • Production coordination of 40+ editions of books and magazines
    • Advertising campaign creation

Black & White Zebra (BWZ)

Black & White Zebra (BWZ) is an independent Canadian tech media company that owns and operates a portfolio of global digital media brands and technology publications, connecting with millions of users monthly.


Gamifier, Inc. is a startup that develops a gamification and people analytics platform with users from over 50 countries, creating engaging experiences through an application and a productivity gamification platform.

  • Gamification Game designer
  • Creation of the GDD
  • Balancing gamification rules
  • Implementation of new rules (Java, PostgreSQL)
  • Rule code refactoring (Java)
  • Participation in the implementation of new mechanics, such as quests
  • Data analysis and real results

Development of the “Printable Scoreboard” project with graphic designer Ricardo Morel, an analog version of the core experience of the digital product.

  • Game design
  • Rule creation
  • Interactions solution

Pixel Art Life

Pixel Art Life is a pixel art editor app for mobile powered by Unity.

Created with a focus on simplicity but seeks to deliver tools so anyone can make pixel art on their cell phones.

  • Created with C#, using Unity;
  • 9 color palette generation algorithms;
  • Integration with Unity Services (Analytics, Ads, Remote Config);
  • Pixel art file format: PXA;
  • Local file management (create, save, edit);
    • File data
    • Paint grid data
    • Color palette data
  • Topics of the Day, which offers daily topic suggestions to users

Team Tun

Team Tun is a “turn-based platforming” game where the player must control the advancement of 2 (or more) characters, but only for a few seconds each.

This solo project is still under development and was nominated in the Official Selection of the SBGames 2018 Games Festival in the Professional category.

  • Currently migrating the game to Unity
  • Full gameplay implementation in GameMaker Studio 2
    • Physics and movement system
    • Camera system implementation
    • Support for multiple game modes
  • In-game research system
  • Core loop design
  • Level design of 50 levels
  • Balancing progression and experience
  • Gameplay variability without adding mechanics


quad is a casual game of minimalist puzzles where you must find the proper movement according to movement patterns.

  • Core loop design
  • Puzzle design
  • Progression balancing
  • Moving mechanics design

Game Development Project

It was a game development project with a maximum scope of 14 days, going through the idea, design, art, development, and publication. The games were developed in Unity with a focus on project agility.


VisitFoz is an independent communication project created in 2008. Today it is one of the leading producers of content and digital projects about the city of Foz do Iguaçu, to inspire tourists and residents. The project has already had more than 7.5 million page views.


  • Specialized content writing
  • Management of contact with hotel representatives
  • Content creation for Instagram @visitefoz
  • Hotel content automation



ImortalTricolor.com was a website for interaction between Grêmio FBPA fans, maintained between 2005 and 2014, with around 8,000 registered fans. The main highlight was the news, through the compilation of direct links to news from different sources in an automated way.

This project was in TOP 5 at the 2008 iBest Awards in the RS category, and during 2009 and 2010 he was a member of the group of “influencers” maintained by Grêmio FBPA, which generated more than 200,000 leads for the club.


  • Site with curated content
  • Twitter with news distribution automation


  • Development of all features (ASP and MySQL)
  • Development of an online sweepstakes system
  • Data collection automation through external RSS

Congresso Internacional de Educação Física

For a few years, I carried out the organization, logistics, and publication of all communication projects for the International Congress of Physical Education in Foz do Iguaçu, focusing on creating value for event participants and innovative positioning.


  • Art direction of all promotional material
  • Website with the disclosure content provided by the organization
  • Complementary Content Creation for UX
  • Press releases and contact with the press
  • Large-scale email marketing actions
  • Management of official social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)


Biblioteca.cc was a web application in PHP, free and open source for fast computerization of searches in school, institutional or personal libraries. The main focus was developing a flexible tool to construct a database of works, people, and works loans for public school libraries according to their realities.

  • Core system development and architecture (PHP)
  • Database (MySQL)
  • UI Planning (Bootstrap)
  • Project maintenance as SaaS between 2013-2017

Other projects