Create, develop, and grow.

✌ Hello, world!

I am Christhian Gruhn (Gruhh), and I have been developing digital projects for over 22+ years as a developer and content creator.

Nowadays, I am a Front-End Developer (PHP + WP) at Black & White Zebra (Canada).

I have worked on development projects for XP Inc, Volkswagen of Brazil, Banco24Horas, InfoMoney, Rico, Grupo Tecban, Gamifier Inc, and, among others.

I always seek to share knowledge to learn more with each opportunity.

Main focuses:

  • Optimizing site performance results
  • Developing features in WordPress projects (blocks, plugins, themes, and optimization)
  • Developing web applications with Next.Js
  • Ideation and execution of digital products

I am a graduate in Advertising at ESPM and in Digital Games at UP, with specializations in Game Design. I have an MBA in BI, an MBA in Social Businesses, and an MBA in Full-Stack Development. I am studying for an MBA in Software Engineering (UTFPR) and a Postgraduate in Artificial Intelligence (UTFPR).

I believe in the positive impact of technology, free culture, and happiness.

I am always looking for new contacts and opportunities. To reach me, please send me an email or a message on WhatsApp.